What's Happening?

Zine fairs are more than just about people flogging their wares. We want people to enjoy the atmosphere and take part in workshops and watch the film screening and engage with other punters over their finds. Previously, the fair has included the Footprint classic zine-in-a-day, zine readings, workshops to help you make your own zine, piles of wonderful vegan food, movie screenings and evening acoustic music...the list goes on!


 The programme for the fair is currently still in development,

so please get in touch if you want to facilitate anything!

screen printing

A couple of us Footprinters are more print-nerdy than others. We print for fun as well as work. We're going to bring along our silk-screens and a selection of different coloured inks so that you can get messy and try your hand at screen printing!

Bring a blank T-shirt, blank tote bag, blank pretty much anything (within reason of course) along with an idea for a stencil and work with them to transfer your ideas from hypothetical idea on to a surface!


"Can you seriously put together a whole zine in one day before the zine fair is even over??" we hear you cry.

"We've done it before, we'll do it again!" we shout back in unison.

Footprint have carted our printing equipment up and down the country doing just that on a semi-regular basis for about 5 years now and we seem to be gaining a bit of a reputation for it.

If you weren't expecting us to pull out the big guns in our home town, you were sorely mistaken!

Expect our entire collection of colour drums and be prepared to push your registration skills to the limit.


As a printing co-op who are organising a zine fair, we thought it would be interesting to share some of our expertise with you.

Expect general tips about pagination and bleed, but also more riso-specific information such as colour separation and limitations and celebrations of the process!


A zine fair is never complete with an array of delicious food which is edible by all! It is a bit of a Leeds Zine Fair tradition for the That Old Chestnut stall to supply everyone's sweet tooth with a wide selection of vegan cake.