cubesville 20 VG VV with duck croppedCubesville is a long-running anarcho-absurdist-punkzine with its roots back in the 1980s. Its writer, The Rev Richard Cubesville, strives to create something original, and full of humour, politics and DIY music and culture with every issue. The latest issue goes 1-2-3-4, while the previous issue only featured bands from along the M62.

 Also featured will be the highly successful Cubesville spin-off veganzines, which have kept a generation of new converts entertained while they work out how to answer such ridiculous questions as, "What do you eat then?" Grab yourselves copies of The Vegan's Guide to People Arguing with Vegans, The Victorian Vegan and the freshly-reprinted Veganarchy, Chaos and Destruction. They make great Christmas presents for people facing the stress of being the vegan-freak at a family Christmas dinner for the first time.