King Louis Lab

We have been self-publishing comics in London for the last year but have been producing work for the last four. We collaborate at every stage of the process when making comics and have been fitting in twenty-five hours a week around our A-levels. Our first release was the one hundred page graphic novel ‘Strange Road to Fairview’ which told the story of a friendship between a man and a moth. More recently we’ve released ‘Cheeky Monkey’ the story of a simple-minded man-ape who slowly unravels a mystery. This was a much bigger release as the hundred copies we had of ‘Strange Road to Fairview’ sold out very quickly meaning we increased the quantity to six hundred copies. We are both eighteen years old and are focusing on comic illustration from nine to five for the next year. We’re exhibiting at both international and national conventions over the next year and would love to add Leeds to our calendar. At the convention we will be selling ‘Cheeky Monkey’ as well as related merchandise and original art.

Instagram: kinglouieslab