The Stall Holders

Bookings are now closed for Leeds Zine Fair 2017!

We have space for around 60 stalls, so this is going to be quite the zine extravaganza! Check out all of the stall holders below:


Jess Durie is a printmaker / zine maker / textiley person who lives in Leeds + makes silly fun stuff about animals people sometimes don't like + theories + feelings ETC. !!

cubesville 20 VG VV with duck croppedCubesville is a long-running anarcho-absurdist-punkzine with its roots back in the 1980s. Its writer, The Rev Richard Cubesville, strives to create something original, and full of humour, politics and DIY music and culture with every issue. The latest issue goes 1-2-3-4, while the previous issue only featured bands from along the M62.

 Also featured will be the highly successful Cubesville spin-off veganzines, which have kept a generation of new converts entertained while they work out how to answer such ridiculous questions as, "What do you eat then?" Grab yourselves copies of The Vegan's Guide to People Arguing with Vegans, The Victorian Vegan and the freshly-reprinted Veganarchy, Chaos and Destruction. They make great Christmas presents for people facing the stress of being the vegan-freak at a family Christmas dinner for the first time.

EimearScullin Image

Eimear Scullin is an Irish Fine Art graduate living and working in Nottingham.  She has been creating travel and per-zines since 2011, including 'Retail Bitch' series, and 'Road Trip with a Bloke I Just Met'.  Eimear will be selling her latest copy 'A Trip to Lebanon'.

owen clements

Fiction & nonfiction in the form of letters >> fanfiction & short stories >> the latest issues of wes anderzine, a fanzine dedicated to wes anderson.

girl love 6Girl Love is a zine project where teenage girls and young women can find a platform for their art and ideas. The project aims to build up a community and to help tackle internalised sexism. Issues 5 & 6 (new!) will be available as well as postcards.
Also for sale will be work by Clara Heathcock (Facebook Chats With Women) and work by indigo collective, as well as zines on holidays, dreams, materialism, periods, etc.

AnnieLawsonFootprintAnnie is bringing zines about otters, spies and 'no-poo' hair care, some of which will come with the freebie of a knitted bee. She has drawn cartoons for The Guardian and Lush Times, and her postcards have embellished many a fridge door.

paul mallinsonPractical Visual Nihilism is the self-published, satirical brainchild of Paul Mallinson, an ex magazine pro who has been publishing his own zines since the late 1980s. The idea behind his new magazine is to celebrate life, culture, music and video games, and to utilise his own personal photographic library in a striking visual manner. Paul will be selling copies of PVN, talking about publishing in general, and also featuring a variety of other self-published material as well.

Frisson ComicsWe're Frisson Comics, an indie publisher based in Liverpool. We specialise in creepy comics and this summer marks the anniversary of our quarterly zine 'Knock Knock' which features the work of some of the best up and coming creators exploring the horror genre. We'll also be featuring our comics, new for 2017 The Residents and The Trade.

Lucy Brady 400x400Praeterlimina is a speculative fiction zine, an experiment in hyperstition, and an artistic exploration of the stranger corners of the human condition. Examining the themes of magic and demonology throughout history, it traces both their origins and their legacy of philosophical paranoia that endures into the modern age. It is the creation of a collective of artists and writers from Norwich, Brighton and London. They will also be selling works by the house artist Chris Richford, and associated side-projects by the creators.

hustlerbynameI  work in pen and ink, and almost exclusively in monochrome. My main influences are Robert Crumb and Joe Sacco. The things I tend to draw are little comics about myself and my eternal struggle to be a decent and productive human being though I have been know to do stuff about politics and social issues when I feel the need to scratch that itch.

TBlast Zine Mike Headwinds

Headwinds is the latest zine of Stockport based DIY comic artist Mike G. Previous comics have centred on the adventures of fictional punk band the

Twitter: @TBlastzine


tallulah magoo

Tallulah Magoo is an illustrator and printmaker based in Leeds. When she's not busy getting paint under her fingernails in the print studio, she can be found holed up in her room drinking tea and obsessively doodling, handbinding zines and generally making things out of stuff. Common themes include silly looking animals, The Beatles, isolation, mexican wrestlers, trees and Billy Childish's face.


pig out logo 400x600

Pig Out is an online community that celebrates living a tasty, vegan existence. It's a home for hints and tips. A shared shelf for recipes. A place for inspiring stories and an ear for those who want to be heard. And it’s not just food. It’s about all aspects of cruelty-free living, from clothing to travel and everything in between. Come tuck in.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Instagram: @pigoutzine

Dimitri Pieri white devil comp FOOTPRINT

Currently writing poems and painting, previously wrote / drew comix under the name jimi gherkin.  What next? We’ll find out. I got some ideas…

nick soucek

Nick writes and draws zines that tell stories, and ask questions, about our relationships with the environment particularly in the context of the anthopocene. His other work is as a town planner.


Lore the Tone Press consists of Sam Duffy and Doug Jensen, two Scottish-born, Sheffield-based artists/writers/illustrators. We make zines, comic books, pins, badges, and other illustrated works with a particular interest in folklore, fairy tales, pop culture and general geekery.

Twitter: @lorethetone


Bean Zine Collective is the project of two recent Graphics graduates with a shared passion for illustration and zine making. We make zines about bees, beans, cats, cool gals in history, and anything else we like!

Instagram: @beanzinecollective

idle ink

This is a zine for the people.

Idle Ink publishes short stories, illustrations, photography, poetry, paintings, articles, memoirs, scripts, comics, essays, sonnets, psychography, vignettes, letters, doodles, hieroglyphics, tantrums, cave drawings, and any other art form you can suggest. We love seeing work from any type of creative person, with any level of experience.

There’s no elitism here.

Homecoming Queen

Homecoming Queen is a print zine created at Oxford uni in 2017. The zine attempts to create a interruption in dominant narratives for the truly subjective and distinct nature of belonging to be heard. The zine exclusively collects first person accounts of belonging from POC or others with migrant backgrounds. By listening, respecting and accommodating the first person experiences of others without centring our own judgment, we can re-learn how other people wish to be seen and go on to build post-colonial identities.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tara hill

Tara Hill is an illustrator, artist and general maker. She makes fine detailed drawings and ink paintings based on her emotional landscape (and really anything that sits on her mind) as well as film posters for the film club she helps to run, Kino Klubb. Film posters include Dario Argento’s Suspiria, John Carpenter’s The Fog and many more. She is very inspired by old Polish film posters. She uses a range of print techniques to make prints of these paintings, drawings and posters including riso printing, screen printing, mimeograph printing and lino cut.

Fistful of Books

I founded Fistful of Books in 2012. It was initially set up as an exciting and accessible way of presenting my photography. Since then I have started to publish the work of other photographers whose work falls in to the urban/street and documentary genres.

In the beginning I had the books printed at a commercial printers. In 2014 I purchased a colour graphics LED printer, a couple of guillotines, a saddle stapler, a paper folder and a wire binding machine – so I now print and bind all the books myself.

Fistful of Books is an independent publisher based originally established in south west Scotland, but is now based on the Wirral.



Twitter: @fistfulofbooks1

23 3 15 to 31 3 15

I have been documenting every day in drawings for almost 10 years in my ongoing ‘Diary Drawing’ project. The content of the drawings range from movies, TV shows, places I've been to and also political/news events happening. As well as being a personal portrait and diary for myself, the drawings also illustrate the visual tapestry that surrounds us, encompassing logos, motifs and imagery which the viewer can recognise and relate to in unique ways.

steve larder

Steve Larder is an artist, illustrator, and publisher of indie-comics and zines. He has been publishing his auto-biographical illustrated zine, ‘Rum Lad’ since 2006 and is a regular contributor to 'As You Were' - an international punk comic anthology. Steve lives and works in Nottingham, UK and frequently attends small press events and speaking engagements as well as teaching small publishing workshops. When Steve’s inky fingers are not drawing they making a racket in various music projects.

Fennell McCormackFennell is an illustrator and motion animation maker who likes to mix metaphor and narrative – using shape and bold, contrasting colours. She’s very inspired by nature, science, sci-fi & fantasy, and has a passion for screen printing. 
Twitter: @kitefiend
Instagram: @kitefiend

Bettie Belle Design

My name is Abbi and I am a creative designer going it on my own with my company Bettie Belle Design. I love bold bright designs, and my artwork is inspired by mostly budget horror movies and punk rock. My stall will be full of my latest creative projects including badges, compact mirrors, postcards and lots of linocut and risograph prints... come say hello!

idestrubtible energy

Indestructible Energy is a limited edition, submission based, art zine that explores the relationship between reproduced and original artwork within the context of the traditional fanzine without being bound by conventional zine publishing practices.


Artist and author working with comics as life writing. Currently working on a second graphic novel for Virago Press. Previous works include Becoming/Unbecoming (Myriad Editions) On Sanity: One Day In Two Lives (self published) and assorted zines.

Big Brown Eyes

We are Big Brown Eyes - an illustration and comics collective of three sisters: Emily, Karis and Freya Lambert.
Together we make zines and short comics along with cute knick-knacks and jewellery. 
We also create an annual collaborative anthology, which this year will feature emerging illustrators and comic artists alongside our own work.
Twitter: (@BBEcollective)


I speak my truth

I Speak My Truth is a community and a collective that comes together to facilitate honest conversation about sex, sexuality and the body through poetry, prose and art. We create collaborative zines on themes such as masturbation and also provide a platform for individual artists to share their own zines at our poetry nights.

instagram: @speak_my_truth

man flag shandy cover crop

Brained by two brothers from Huddersfield, Man-Flag Shandy zine is a void so lacking in comprehension-of-self that its emptiness ultimately reaches out, tickles your nose and tells you to mind where you go.

Their first issue documents its own birth, then (like all of us) struggles as it attempts to understand who why where how and what the fuck it is, stumbling along in a confused world of truth and falsity as it tries and fails to be the magazine society wants it to be.

They welcome questions at the fair.

Lindsay draws

Lindsay Draws is a zinester, a potter and a joiner, combine these three loves under the name glue, a glove and some plyers and hoping to maybe make a living out of it some day. For now, she's keeping her day job for the free printing, photocopying and paid holiday. She will be selling copies of her zine series The Man Called Uncle Tim, some prints and her latest zine about wood working. There will also be some brand new things available made from paper, clay or even wood. See more of her work here: 
Facebook: /andsomeplyers

Black Lodge Press Square

Black Lodge Press is a DIY publishing print specializing in riso-printed comics and zines with a radical ethos. We support and involve inclusive communities of creative people, publishing work that celebrates feminism and queer culture!

Instagram: blacklodgecicy

rachael house self portrait

Rachael House is an artist who makes events, objects, performances, drawings and zines. She will be selling hand made ceramic medals for deserving trouble makers, risographed zines, radical name tapes and more feminist rabble rousing goods to buoy us up in these difficult times.

instagram: @rachaellhouse