The Stall Holders

We are now taking bookings for Leeds Zine Fair 2017!

We have space for around 60 stalls, so this is going to be quite the zine extravaganza! If you would like to book a stall, facilitate a workshop or anything else that might add something to the event, either use the Get In Involved contact form or drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please supply us with a blurb about your stall and a 72dpi 335px square image.

Hayley Wells

Hayley Wells is currently studying at Cambridge School of Art where she creates books and zines exploring modern life, loneliness, and the human-animal relationship. Being a bit of a punk at heart, Hayley has a strong DIY ethos that forms the basis of her working process. Her work is often subversive and incorporates her vegan anarchist politics, but sometimes she just loves drawing cats.

Big Brown Eyes

We are Big Brown Eyes - an illustration and comics collective of three sisters: Emily, Karis and Freya Lambert.
Together we make zines and short comics along with cute knick-knacks and jewellery. 
We also create an annual collaborative anthology, which this year will feature emerging illustrators and comic artists alongside our own work.
Twitter: (@BBEcollective)


I speak my truth

I Speak My Truth is a community and a collective that comes together to facilitate honest conversation about sex, sexuality and the body through poetry, prose and art. We create collaborative zines on themes such as masturbation and also provide a platform for individual artists to share their own zines at our poetry nights.

instagram: @speak_my_truth

man flag shandy cover crop

Brained by two brothers from Huddersfield, Man-Flag Shandy zine is a void so lacking in comprehension-of-self that its emptiness ultimately reaches out, tickles your nose and tells you to mind where you go.

Their first issue documents its own birth, then (like all of us) struggles as it attempts to understand who why where how and what the fuck it is, stumbling along in a confused world of truth and falsity as it tries and fails to be the magazine society wants it to be.

They welcome questions at the fair.


THOUZINE: making and distributing zines on anarchism, music, girls, poetry, popstars, writing and writers.

Instagram: @hmlev

Lindsay draws

Lindsay Draws is a zinester, a potter and a joiner, combine these three loves under the name glue, a glove and some plyers and hoping to maybe make a living out of it some day. For now, she's keeping her day job for the free printing, photocopying and paid holiday. She will be selling copies of her zine series The Man Called Uncle Tim, some prints and her latest zine about wood working. There will also be some brand new things available made from paper, clay or even wood. See more of her work here: 
Facebook: Glue, a glove and some plyers

Black Lodge Press Square

Black Lodge Press is a DIY publishing print specializing in riso-printed comics and zines with a radical ethos. We support and involve inclusive communities of creative people, publishing work that celebrates feminism and queer culture!

Instagram: blacklodgecicy

rachael house self portrait

Rachael House is an artist who makes events, objects, performances, drawings and zines. She will be selling hand made ceramic medals for deserving trouble makers, risographed zines, radical name tapes and more feminist rabble rousing goods to buoy us up in these difficult times.

instagram: @rachaellhouse



Queer Arcana

Queer Arcana distro stocks zines about queer and trans life; witchcraft and astrology; mental health, autism and self-care; DIY music, feminism and radical politics.

Instagram: @queerarcana



Crisps is a one-woman run shop/distro based in a bar in Edinburgh stocking zines (from local to national and international) as well as a few artist books and small-press books.

We can be found in Paradise Palms bar, or online at and

LZF x KBaczynski Image

Kristyna Baczynski is an illustrator and Eisner-nominated comics creator. She works from her studio in Leeds, making zines, self-published comics and printed treasures on her rickety old risograph machine.

wur bradford image

Wur Bradford is an open, inclusive  arts and social space situated in a stall the city's Kirkgate Market, exploring how we can make change through creativity and collective action. We make zines together and separately, documenting the things we do and the ideas that are important to us.

zine swap

Estd 2008, Zineswap is a service that allows you to swap your zines through the post. You send us your zines, we send you a random selection of other zines in return.

At the Leeds Zine Fair we will have a dedicated area where you will be able to browse our ever growing archive of 200+ zines from all over the globe and throughout the day there will be a 'Drop & Swap' box for all your swapping needs.

So pop by, say Hi and get your Swap on!

Catherine Garvey1

Cath is a Comic Artist from Liverpool, mostly known for her online comic 'You, me and the devil makes three'. She draws inspiration from her life  and creates quirky stories about Satanist old ladies, evil boyfriends and unemployed ghosts.

LauraAlice nuthatch riso

Laura Alice is a print maker and illustrator based in West Yorkshire. Her work is inspired by birds, nature and luminous surreal colour. She has put together and collaborated on a number of zines exploring the links between birding, nature and positive mental-health .

Manuel Rodriguez

Manuel Rodriguez Navarro  Works with acrylic paints in black, white and gray tones on plain paperboard. His interest focuses on social and political issues. Born 1973 in Santiago, Chile. Studied art at the "Finis Terrae" University in Santiago, Chile, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts (Master of Fine Arts), European Animation Masterclass at the Television Academy of Central Germany in Halle (Saale). After living in Valencia, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, Manuel Rodriguez currently lives and works in Münster.

saffa khan

Saffa Khan is a Pakistani Illustrator & visual artist, creating autobiographical work surrounding identity, faith, sexuality & mental health, through illustration, print making & self publishing. She also runs @feelingspress & @poorpalsclub.

King Louis Lab

We have been self-publishing comics in London for the last year but have been producing work for the last four. We collaborate at every stage of the process when making comics and have been fitting in twenty-five hours a week around our A-levels. Our first release was the one hundred page graphic novel ‘Strange Road to Fairview’ which told the story of a friendship between a man and a moth. More recently we’ve released ‘Cheeky Monkey’ the story of a simple-minded man-ape who slowly unravels a mystery. This was a much bigger release as the hundred copies we had of ‘Strange Road to Fairview’ sold out very quickly meaning we increased the quantity to six hundred copies. We are both eighteen years old and are focusing on comic illustration from nine to five for the next year. We’re exhibiting at both international and national conventions over the next year and would love to add Leeds to our calendar. At the convention we will be selling ‘Cheeky Monkey’ as well as related merchandise and original art.

harriet cash zine

I make little zines about queer feminism and my pop lady sheroes, many of them inspired by chats with rad women at the Feminist Library in London. I'm also working with a bunch of brilliant grrrls on a bigger zine about women and work - having it, not having it, and dealing with people while doing it. It's going to be angry and ranty and hopefully pretty funny.

jack fallows

Jack Fallows is an illustrator from Newcastle now living in Leeds. They have been making sad and revealing comics and zines for fifteen years and now, somehow, are also making a self-published mail-based puzzle series about witches on a monthly basis. Their latest work was a small human (in collaboration with Kathleen Itch). / instagram: @jack_fallows / twitter: @teltos